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Planting and Harvesting Garlic

We always have a lot of fun planting and harvesting garlic.  We plant individual cloves of garlic at the end of October or early November and cover it with a thick mat of straw or hay. The mulch protects the clove from heaving from the frost and keeps it weed free during the growing season. In June the following year, hard neck garlic sends up a scape that curls around a few times before we snap them off to be used in pesto and chopped to season your favorite dishes.  By removing the scape we send all the energy and nutrition to the bulb so that it can continue to grow.  In July we harvest garlic by loosening the soil around it with a pitch fork.  We set out the garlic to cure and dry in a dark airy location for 2-4 weeks. Then we pick a rainy day to be inside to clean and prep the garlic for distributing to our shareholders.  Our favorite garlic has been Music.  We save about 25 lbs to plant the following fall.

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