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Long Life Farm Share

Long Life Farm Share


This sentry guards the farm, do you know the password?

Many of you told us over the summer that you had been members of other farms before. The feedback that we received from you was very valuable and helped us put our plan together to best serve the needs of the community.

For those of you new to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a farm share is an investment in the farm at the beginning of the growing season.  The farmer buys seeds and supplies and plans production for the shareholders. In exchange for your hard earned money, the farmers will work hard to grow vegetables for you.  Unlike going to the grocery store, you don’t have free choice each week about what you will take home in your bag. What you get in return is the freshest variety of vegetables grown organically.  You also support a local agricultural business that strives to improve the land and provide food security.  We hope that you will see some old favorites and some new varieties for you to try.  I have an arsenal of tried and true recipes that I hope you will enjoy, and I look forward to shareholders sharing some of their own. You have a choice of receiving your vegetables every week for 20 weeks or every other week for 10 weeks.  Plan to pick up your vegetables in Hopkinton or in Ashland.  More details on the Buy Share page where you will find an application.

Unlike many farms that offer CSA, we will not require shareholders to work any hours during the growing season.  We will plan a few shareholder days where families can get involved in the harvest and other needed activities.  Those of you that enjoy getting involved and dirty are more than welcome to join us on these days to get to know other shareholders.