Join Our Farm


Membership in a Long Life farm share gives you and your family the ability to eat fresh vegetables that have been grown locally without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides.  Buying vegetables that have been raised organically is the best chance at avoiding genetically modified crops.  We use organic seed to start all of our seedlings.  Sharing the harvest with a farmer enables you to learn about how your food is grown, as well as experiencing a wide variety of vegetables that you may not have eaten before.

As you get to know Don and I, our farming practices and our values, you will feel more confident about the security of your food.  As Long Life Farm improves the fertility of it’s soil, the nutrition, shelf life and taste of your vegetables will be dramatically enhanced.

Local Harvest has a very good overview of CSA that might be helpful for those that have not ever been a member of a CSA. Local Harvest is a national website that connects people with farms, farmers’ markets, CSAs and more.