Join Our Farm

Pick Up Sites

  • Tuesdays:  2pm-7pm:  205 Winter Street, Hopkinton
  • Tuesdays:  TBD downtown Hopkinton (additional charge of $5.00)
  • Fridays:     2pm-7pm:  205 Winter Street, Hopkinton
  • Fridays:     TBD downtown Hopkinton (additional charge of $5.00)
  • Fridays:     TBD Upton (additional charge of $5.00)
  • Saturdays: 9am-1pm  125 Front Street, Ashland
 This is the address of the Ashland Farmers Market, please pick up your share from us at our booth.
To facilitate 3 bags being made for each shareholder instead of 2, there is an additional $5.00 charge for some pick up sites. Pick up sites need to be chosen at the beginning of the season and maintained throughout the season.