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Since buying our Vitamix several years ago, I am still amazed at what a workhorse and valuable tool it has become in our kitchen.

It is the best way to consume a large variety of fruits, vegetables and greens to insure we get all the minerals and vitamins we need to stay healthy.

We often have leftover vegetables and greens from our farmers market and the best way to use them up is to blend them in our Vitamix.

The Vitamix is not the least expensive machine on the market, but it is well worth the investment.

I highly recommend the book Green for Life”, by Victoria Boutenko.  It has new and refreshing information and numerous recipes for smoothies.  Victoria recommends a variety in the greens we use each day, to insure getting a broad array of vitamins and minerals. Also if you have a thyroid issue, read what she says about too many brassicas.  Unlike many smoothie  recipes, her book uses a liberal amount of greens, not just fruit.

While most days I use the Vitamix for our morning smoothie, I will often use it for dessert and for soup. During the fall, when butternut and buttercup squash are available, I blend the peeled squash with chicken broth and let the Vitamix run for 5-7 minutes.  Due to it’s speed, it actually heats up the soup, so no cooking is involved.

I invested in the second mixer container for dry use. I don’t use it often, but when I do, it is great for making flours.  During the Chinese New Year, I find I need rice flour, rather than buying a whole bag, I just throw white or brown rice in the container and make flour.

While I have not used it for almond milk, many folks do, by soaking almonds overnight and then blending and straining. I do like the nut butter that I can make in a minute with raw nuts too.

For dessert, 2 cups of frozen fruit and one cup of your favorite milk for one minute makes a wonderful sorbet.   I like coconut milk in mine.